Source Dining

At Source Dining (formerly Annie Smithers’ Bistrot), the source or origin is where it all begins. Our desire to be hospitable is what shapes our service philosophy. This desire, coupled with passion, knowledge and the experi-ence gained from a life time in the hospitality industry combine to create the dining experience we offer today. When creating menus each season, it all starts with the produce we are able to source around us and from our garden. The source of all products is so important


“My passion for cooking and the love that good food can bring was instilled in me by my maternal grandmother. She was a wonderful source of information on all the basic principals of cookery that are still with me today. My style of food is in-fluenced by what is available around me and a genuine desire to showcase quality local produce.” Owner and Chef, Tim Foster

“We have a genuine desire to be hospitable and ensure our guests leave feeling well fed and well loved.” Owner, Michelle Foster


Michelle Louise Foster

Tim & Michelle Foster had a dream to own and operate a regional restaurant that focused on local produce, the kitchen garden, an interesting wine list, warm professional service and great food.  The desire to be hospitable and ensure guests leave feeling well fed and well loved is behind all decisions that are made at Source Dining.

Michelle’s industry knowledge, experience, smile and, above all, her ability to make people feel welcome and relaxed, set the tone for the atmosphere of the restaurant.  She was always keen to entertain children while their parents dined, enjoy a laugh with her guests and ensure everything was looking perfect.  It is Michelle’s style, attention to detail and warmth that lives on here today. 

Sadly, after a dignified 11 year battle with breast cancer, Michelle passed away in 2016.

Always remembered.
Michelle Foster 19/3/1972 - 27/10/2016